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The EVP's

*Please note that some EVP's may need a headset to be heard.*

The Location

Gallows' Hill of Wilmington, NC is the cities old hanging ground where many were put to death.

The Investigation

Most anyone living in Wilmington, NC has heard the ghost tales of "Gallows Hill." The legends range from the current occupants being unable to stay the night on the property to ghost writing for help on the windows being spotted by tourist on the Wilmington Ghost Walk.


The stories of Gallows Hill captured Eastern Paranormal's interest. This property has also been written about in a prominent paranormal magazine and last year an episode was shot there by a paranormal show out of Canada. Upon interviewing the owner of the property and current employees E.P. dismissed many of the myths about Gallows Hill. Indeed the employees do from time to time stay all night in the building and during the last bad hurricane in Wilmington, NC several of them temporarily lived there for several weeks. Also upon interviewing the employees it was discovered that a prior employee had written "Help Us," in the dirt on a window. That is the same "Help Us" that the paranormal show came all the way down from Canada to shoot a segment on. However, after staying a night at Gallows Hill Eastern Paranormal did get some great E.V.P.'s, one picture anomalies, one of our members swears he seen and spoke to a woman there dressed in period clothing, and a possible film anomalie (We are still researching that).


We were very pleased with the Gallows Hill investigation. While we did debunk many of the myths around it, we feel with the amount of E.V.P.'s we captured it warrants further investigation. We will be keeping in contact with this property owner.