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Haunted NC

The Location


An old shot-gun style house located in North Carolina.



The Incidents


Eastern Paranormal was contacted by local residents with stories of strange lights, mist, and noises coming from this abandoned home.



The Investigation


This investigation served as both an investigation and a training module for a new Associate Member of Eastern Paranormal.


The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Inferred Thermometer, & EMF Reader’s


A team of two arrived at this location. The old shot-gun house is in bad disrepair. Gabreael noted there was no electricity or pluming connected to this home yet several 4.0 EMF spikes occurred for a few seconds while there as well a quick drop in temperature once by eight degrees.





Several great photos were captured that night by Eastern Paranormal members (See above). We feel this property may warrant future investigation this Fall if possible.