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The Location


A series of ponds located in Hampstead, North Carolina. This was an investigation being done by our Associate Member Julie of North Carolina Paranormal Investigations.




The Incidents


Reports of disembodied apparitions roaming these ponds at night by local residents.



The Investigation


A combined team of five from NCPI and EP conducted this investigation accompanied by two residents of the area.


The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Inferred Thermometer’s, EMF Reader’s, Digital and Micro Recorders and Rods


When we arrived there we surveyed this series of ponds on foot from one end to the other allowing the residents to show us where they had witnessed an apparition. We then broke into two teams combined of EP and NCPI members.


Fred of the first team reported feeling light headed in one area of the property while divided up with the team. We then sent that team back in and Debbie of NCPI recorded a blue unidentified mist in the very area he had felt light headed at on film.





We feel this property warrants further investigation and will conduct a follow-up investigation on this property.