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The Location
A private residence in Brunswick County, NC.
The Incidents 
Gabreael was contacted by a family concerned about activity in the home which included electronic problems, shadow people seen by the parents and the children, odd film coverage, noises throughout the home, strange behaviors by the family dog, levitation of the dog from the floor to the bed,......
The family consisted of two parents, two girls, two cats, and one Jack Russel Terrier. They had moved from up north the year before into the brand new home built in a sub-division. The subdivision is near a Civil War Battle Ground in that area, and troops use to camp in the area.They were a nice Italian Catholic family. They had the priest from Saint Mary's come in and bless the home before contacting Gabreael, but the activity continued.
The Investigation
Gabreael has developed a Seven step investigation sequence proto call that EP uses. It goes as follows:
1. Walk through, interview process, and history process to determine the need for an investigation.
2. The investigation.
3. Review from the investigation.
4. Follow-up investigation.
5. Review from investigation.
6. What actions are need are taken (EX:To have the home blessed or not, call in a demonologist or not)
7. Follow-up with the families over the next year.
Gabreael interviewed the mother and the girls. The older 14 year old girl has shown signs of being psychic since she was a small girl. While in the home with the family Gabreael's cell phone which was off at the time in her purse dialed the mothers cell phone. The mother showed Gabreael her phone was calling her. Gabreael pulled out her phone, and it was cut off, but showing up on her Caller ID. Later it was also discovered that over four minutes of audio was left on the mothers voice box. The audio was of the family talking to Gabreael, but there was also something unrecognizable in the voices as well. This sent up a red flag to Gabreael. Gabreael took only 8.9 minutes of EVP taping time in this home and captured three EVP's in her walk through. Including a reverse speech EVP.

The EVP's:

Would you please leave the children alone? "No"

Who is the shadow the husband sees? "Dad"


Reversed "Dad" should be "Dad,"but that's not paranormal. Reversed this "Dad" EVP says "Eric."

Due to the fact that both parents work in this home, and at times the girls are left alone for a few hours in the home Gabreael did not want to bring in a full investigative team to scare the girls. She discussed the EVP's below with the mother and it was agreed the house would be blessed again, the family would start in "A Course In Miracles," and Eastern Paranormal is monitoring this case over the next year. If needed we will bring in a full team for more evidence collection, but hopefully things will remain quiet for the family.