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The Location
A private residence in Burgaw, NC

The Incidents

This resident contacted Gabreael with complaints of knocking noises throughout the home often around 3:AM in the morning waking up the entire household.

The Investigation

Listen to EVP  ----> "HaHaHaHa"

This location was occupied by a single father and his elementary school age son. Upon interviewing the pair it was discovered that on top of the knocking noises in the early morning hours various electrical appliances were coming on and off during the night as well, and at times the knocking/pounding was so loud that the son reported having to turn the TV up as loud as possible to drown out the noises.

The equipment used on this investigation was:

Multiple Digital Recorders, Multiple EMF Meters, Multiple Recorders, Multiple Video Recorders


This family gave Eastern Paranormal total access for a weekend to this haunted home located in Burgaw, NC. While we captured no photographic or video evidence we did capture one EVP from this home during quiet time. There was no one in the home at this time as the family moved out of the home the week before. One investigator felt a small burning on their right cheek and had a small scratch appear on their cheek, while another had a door slammed in their face in front of others. EP members went back in the daylight and tried to recreate the door slamming and could not. Eastern Paranormal members reported feeling a “Heaviness” in the air of this home.

Checking the history of this home EP discovered that the last three occupants of this property suffered some sort of misfortune including economic misfortune, depression, and divorce. All three former occupants reported feeling as if a weight had been lifted off of them once free of this property.


The owner of this home gave Gabreael a table from the room of this home with the most activity. Gabreael and her husband were awaken at 3:AM by a loud boom in their home. Upon investigation this table was found flipped upside down. The home now sits empty and is scheduled to have major construction done on it. The family that occupied this home has moved to another state and EP will be keeping an eye on this property to see if the next occupants have any activity.