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The Location


Undisclosed business location located in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina 



The Incidents

 The business is a salon with reported paranormal activity. The building itself is very old and has been used as many different types of businesses such as a bakery and even a church that funerals were said to have been conducted in. There have been incidents where the water has been turned on in every bowl at once, the pc had printed out strange things, phone problems, lighting problems, unexplainable noises, and the girls have been locked out on occasion. A full bodied apparition of a man has been seen by the manager of the business.

The Investigation

After being contacted by this businesses manager Gabreael setup investigation interviews with the staff over the course of two days. She then did a walk through and sketched the layout of the business in order to decide where best to position the cameras. She then called the elderly property owner of this property to get its history.

Through the interview process it was discovered that the salon had just underwent major construction and that was when all of the activity started and was most active. It was also determined that most of the activity took place around the manager and one other employee.

The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Three Video Camera’s, Inferred Thermometer’s,  EMF Reader’s, Laptop, and Digital and Micro Recorders


Once we arrived at the location we did another complete walk through of the property. We then decided to set up our cameras for a couple of hours of recording while the building set empty.


Upon returning it was discovered that both downstairs camera’s had malfunctioned for no apparent reason and shut down at the exact same time which was just 11 minutes and 11 seconds into filming on each camera which left us scratching our heads. We then decided to set up the cameras once more while we researched the main floor in the salon. Once again the camera’s shutdown automatically at 11:11, we have no explanation for this. The camera’s were later tested and ran for several hours with no problems. However, one of the cameras appear to have been damaged in the 11:11 shutdown as we can no longer get sound to record on this recorder.


Over 500 pictures were taken that night and various recordings from the upstairs and downstairs. A baseline EMF reading was set and several sharp EMF spike did occur, but only for a few moments while shooting photos.  





Several interesting anomalies were captured in photos and given to this salons manager. She felt between the filming trouble and the photo’s this validated their experiences. We would like to thank this salon manager and her staff for their patience, time, and dedication to this investigation.





Gabreael recently stopped in to check in on the girls at this salon. They reported that since the old manager left and the one employee had moved out of state that all of the activity had ceased. This leaves us to wonder was this simply telekinesis working between the two employees or was it that the new construction had opened a portal briefly that had now closed?