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The Location


A private residence located in Hampstead, North Carolina. This was by E.P. and another group. 


The Incidents


This home was occupied by a boyfriend and expecting girlfriend along with the elderly owner of the home. They were reporting seeing shadows in the home and hearing unidentified noises about the home. The girlfriend reported feeling like someone was watching her at times.



The Investigation


The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Camera, Inferred Thermometer’s, EMF Reader’s, and Digital and Micro Recorders


This home was in a bit of disarray when we arrived and Fred noted the underpinning was missing on part of this home allowing neighborhood animals to take refuge under it which would easily explain the unidentified noises they were hearing. 

Gabreael interviewed the girlfriend. She stated to Gabreael the couple was moving out of state to be closer with her family to help with the baby. She felt that someone was watching her at times. She and Gabreael discussed the fact that often during pregnancy women report feeling family members around them as their due date comes closer. This seemed to ease her mind greatly.


Eastern Paranormal took a couple hundred pictures in this home as well as tapings for EVP’s. 



Eastern Paranormal found no evidence of paranormal activity in this home. A follow-up was not possible on this investigation due to the fact this couple moved from the home.