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The Location


This private residence was located in Harsen’s Island, Michigan. While Eastern Paranormal tries to work on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States we never turn someone in serious need away and often network with other groups to get those in need help across the nation.



The Incidents


This homeowner contacted Gabreael after renting out his haunted rental home (His former residence) to paranormal groups to stay in for the weekend. The owner disclosed to Gabreael that while living in the home he wrestled with addiction issues along with terrible temperament issues. His nickname while living in the home was actually “Bad Bob.” He and his family witnessed voices, shadows, and various noises while in the home as had tenants he had attempted to rent the home out to. This haunting was also getting a fair amount of media coverage due to the fact that one paranormal group member was scratched down her back while in the home, while another ran out of the home screaming.



Eastern Paranormal’s Recommendations


After interviewing this homeowner and his wife Gabreael suggested blessing the home, boarding up the home, placing it up for sale, and NOT renting it out anymore. It was determined that the activity all began in this home when their teenage son locked himself up with a Ouija Board (Check out our article "To Ouija Or Not To Ouija")in his room for a solid weekend. It appeared to Bob that the activity had gotten more aggressive since the technique of “Provoking Spirits” had been used by some of the groups renting the home. Gabreael informed the family if the home didn’t sell in a reasonable amount of time she and her team would make a trip to Michigan in attempts to help the couple. She also suggested this Catholic family get back into church and seek counseling through the church.





Eastern Paranormal was making arrangements to take trip to Michigan when this home sold. We are happy to report that this family has stayed in church and life goes on.

Here Is A Media Link For This Story:

A Slide Show Of The Home & Some Investigators: