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Red Orb

The Location


This private residence is located in Creswell, OR. While Eastern Paranormal tries to work on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States we never turn someone in serious need away and often network with other groups to get those in need help across the nation.



The Incidents


This home owner contacted Gabreael after hearing scratching, and banging noises at night in her home sometimes accompanied with sleep paralysis.



Eastern Paranormal’s Recommendations


We recommend to the homeowner to document everything going on in a notebook and to take pictures around the house when the activity was happening, but to NEVER knock back. The homeowner did just that and that is where the picture above came from. Eastern Paranormal offered to set this homeowner up with a group to investigate in her area (That offer is still open to her), but she has declined thus far because of her personal belief system. She later contacted EP stating her teenage daughter felt as if something was stabbing her between her toes while reading. Gabreael offered to make arrangements for this homeowner to work with clergy, but she declined. Gabreael then suggested placing rosaries at the head and footboard of the child’s bed as well as the mothers. She also suggested using sea salt around the foundation and rooms of the house while also saying the Saint Benedict’s Prayer while using holy oil above all of the doors and windows of the home.


Recent Follow Up


A year later Gabreael contacted this homeowner. She states occasionally she still gets some knocking, but the other activity seems to have ceased since the rosaries, sea salt, and holy oil above all the doors and windows of the home along with the Saint Benedict’s Prayer was done.




This case could be a simple case of telekinesis or something a bit more sinister. No firm conclusion can be formed without the home being investigated.