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The Location


A private residence located in Pender County, North Carolina.



The Incidents


Eastern Paranormal was contacted by a brother and sister who had just moved into a home the sister had purchased that had been repossessed from the former owners. The brother believed something was punching him through his mattress at night and shaking his bed. The sister said that her bed shook at night too along with feeling someone sitting on her bed at night.


The Investigation


On private residences Eastern Paranormal avoids taking more than two to three investigators in order not to create confusion in the home. We prefer to observe the residents in their natural habitats living their daily life’s.


The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Camera, Inferred Thermometer,  EMF Reader, and Digital and Micro Recorders



Gabreael and Fred arrived at the home for the first investigation after completing a phone interview with both the brother and sister. We conducted personal interviews with the brother and sister once more. Upon the second interview’s it was discovered that the sisters “Bed sitting” had went on since childhood, she had believed it was the ghost of a family member, but the bed shaking had just started around the time the bother moved in.


Upon the brothers second interview it was discovered that while in prison he had dabbled in occult practices. He moved from prison to his sister’s home. He also was struggling with former addiction issues. While interviewing the brother he was insistent that something was thumping him through the bed we were sitting on. Gabreael exchanged places with him and even laid on the bed for a time and felt nothing.


Fred tested the laundry room foundation for shaking of the washer and dryer, he went under the crawl space of the home and checked the plumbing, but nothing could be found that would make a thumping or shaking noise. All EMF and temperature readings appeared normal. Over 300 pictures were taken that night and not even a dust orb could be found.



The Follow-Up Investigation


Eastern Paranormal prefers follow-up investigations whenever possible to validate and/or explain findings from the earlier investigation. The week that followed the investigation the brother contacted Gabreael several times insisting that the spirit was now following him to work and shaking things around his workplace.


The equipment used for this investigation was:



Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Camera, Inferred Thermometer, EMF Reader, and Digital and Micro Recorders


Upon this investigation both the brother and sister seemed to be fearful of living in the home insisting the activity was continuing when they were alone late at night. The brother was now reporting that something was holding him down in his bed at night, so he was sleeping on the couch that shook while he slept. While interviewing him once more he insisted the couch was thumping him, we felt nothing. Once again no EMF readings were out of the norm, no photo’s proved positive, nothing showed up on the recorders, or tape. A brief history check was done on the repossessed home as well and the former resident refused to speak with EP.


Because of the resident’s insistence that they were living in fear in this home Gabreael hung a rosary off of the sister’s bed and a rosary under the brother’s mattress along with holy oil about the home. She also left them with prayer cards to use. She discussed with both of them how telekinesis worked and that they needed to release the fear, and take their home back. Gabreael also recommended these two go for counseling with a pastor.





No evidence could ever be found in this home, but Eastern Paranormal always takes the accounts of the residence into consideration in these circumstances. After the second home visit the sister said the home felt safe to her, it was almost as if the air was lighter to her there, and she no longer had the bed shaking. We made local arrangements with a minister in Pender County, North Carolina to work with these two, but the sister seemed uncomfortable with that. So after another week of the brother calling insisting it was still bothering him at work EP referred them to a Demonologist Team even though it appeared to EP that this was perhaps a form of telekinesis coming from the brother. He was determined something had followed him home from prison. There the team worked with them and made arrangements for them at a church in nearby Wilmington, NC.




Gabreael recently spoke with the demonologist that worked on this case. Happily they reported there was still no activity in the home and the sister was still actively attending church. The brother however had moved out of the home and was reported to be back living his same old lifestyle and was not communicating with the rest of the family.