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The Location
A private residence in Wrightsville Avenue Wilmington, NC.

The Incidents 

The former occupant’s child refused to sleep in her room at this location. Several family members reported seeing sparkle lights in masses in the home alongside footsteps, noises in the attic, and various noises throughout the home. 

The Investigation

This home is currently under going major remodeling. However the activity reported in this home goes back much longer. The owner reports she doesn’t feel threatened in the home and feels that perhaps these are family ghost in her home. She contacted EP for documentation of the haunting.

The equipment used on this investigation was:

Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Inferred Thermometer, EMF Reader’s, and Digital and Micro Recorders


Listen To Dog Barking EVP ------> "Dog Bark""

Eastern Paranormal captured several photographic anomalies at this location alongside an EVP of what appears to be a dog barking. The homeowner now has a cat, but reported that in deed she did have a deceased dog. On our videos and recorders we captured loud banging sounds the cameras didn’t catch. Therefore we have been granted permission to do a follow-up investigation at this residence later in the year. If you have a haunted home in the Wilmington, NC area please contact Gabreael at: