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The Location
A private residence in New Hanover County, NC.
The Incidents 

This was an interesting case for Eastern Paranormal. Gabreael was contacted by a business owner about his home being haunted. What was so interesting to Gabreael was that the homeowner had, had a prior "House Blessing Team," come in and give him a written estimate for an outrageous amount of money, to remove the spirits from the home. He would get no evidence they were there, just their rituals and guarantees they were gone........
This family had moved from up North to Wilmington to start a restaurant franchise. The homeowners were reporting one of the two small children seeing and talking to spirits. There were also numerous activity reported light switches flipping on in the middle of the night, noises throughout the home, and such.
The Investigation

Gabreael has developed a Seven step investigation sequence proto call that EP uses. It goes as follows:
1. Walk through, interview process, and history process to determine the need for an investigation.
2. The investigation.
3. Review from the investigation.
4. Follow-up investigation.
5. Review from investigation.
6. What actions are need are taken (EX:To have the home blessed or not, call in a demonologist or not)
7. Follow-up with the families over the next year.
The mother of the two children was very distraught due to the move of the family, and also from the misinformation the "House Blessing Team," had given them about the nature of the spirits in the home. The couple had even talked of separating due to the stress. Gabreael's walk through was recorded that day as was the blessing and a good many EVP's were gotten from both including one from an older lady calling her by her birth name few know her as and also a darker EVP that concerned the EP team and the family. Due to the distress this family had suffered from the former team that had proceeded them EP covered steps 1, 3, 6, and 7 to get this family immediate relief.
Eastern Paranormal got the following EVP's from this case:
The home was blessed (for free we would like to add), and months later the family is happy and activity free.
Some EVP's From This Case:

"Teresa Thank You For Coming"

"They Are Near Us"

"Come Here Benj"

If you have a haunted home in the Wilmington, NC area please contact Gabreael at:Gabreael@easternparanormal.com