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The EVP's

*Some EVP's may require a headset to hear.*

The Location

This private residence is located in North Field, Ohio.While Eastern Paranormal tries to work on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States we never turn someone in serious need away and often network with other groups to get those in need help across the nation.

The Incidents

These tenants contacted Gabreael after hearing scratching, banging noises, a woman's voice, an apparition, oily hand prints dripping out of the walls, and one of them suffered a succubus attack.

Eastern Paranormal’s Recommendations

This was one of the darkest cases Gabreael has ever consulted on. This apartment was rented by a couple. The prior occupants had been practicing witches of the darker nature. One of the ladies was a satanic ritual survivor, the other a practicing psychic. When they first contacted Gabreael they informed her they had contacted several groups in their state with no luck. Gabreael immediately sent them out a home cleansing kit the next morning and started networking to find these girls help. Gabreael consulted with a demonologist on this case in Pennsylvania. She considered going to Ohio, but this was one of the few cases where there was a chance of possible physical danger because of the occults involvement with this family. The home cleansing found the girls some relief. The succubus attacks stopped as well as the other physical assaults on the girls, but still they had activity (Six of the seven rosaries Gabreael sent them were broken, walking noises continued, and the oily hand prints all over the apartment). The kit and prayers bought them enough time to find a new rental home.

Gabreael remains in contact with this couple monitoring the situation in this couples new home. As of June 26, 2007 the girls have been activity free for around a month.