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Ectoplasm Ghost Picture

The Location

Saint Helena In Pender County, North Carolina

The Incidents
Eastern Paranormal was told by an old lighthouse keeper that what he seen one night at Saint Helena was scarier than anything he ever seen in any lighthouse or at sea. He was an elderly man and had never seen ectoplasm or ecto-mist before that night. He told Gabreael that one night while driving home from Wilmington, NC one of his dogs jumped out of the back of his truck at Saint Helena chasing something. He pulled off the road chasing the dog to the middle of a field. It was there in the moonlight he witnessed his dog hanging mid-air being petted by what he described as, “A monster made of a cloud. He said the cloud looked right at him and gently put his dog down and vanished right in front of him.” The old lighthouse keeper was bad to drink so Gabreael questioned his story he then swore on his mother’s grave that he witnessed this incident. He seemed sincere and a bit scared when he told the story so we decided to take a ride out to investigate the lighthouse keeper’s story.

The Investigation

Eastern Paranormal has made half a dozen trips to Saint Helena since hearing the ghost story. On two of these occasions a good amount of photographic evidence was obtained. The picture above is from one of those occasions. We are in the process of researching the interesting history of this area and consider it an ongoing investigation so please check back this fall for an update on this case.