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Haunted WWII Camp Davis Pender County NC

The Location


The Former WWII Camp Davis Headquarters in Pender County, North Carolina.




The Incidents


This former WWII Headquarters has now been converted into a private business. After interviewing the owner of the building we discovered the owner believes her store is haunted by one of the former owner’s previous employees named Steve. She stated that she and one of her employee’s have witnessed temperature changes in the store, things moving around, electricity in air making hair raise up on neck and arms ……His name was Steve, and then there is another Steve whose sister has placed his items for sale their in the shop, and they have felt his presence as well. There are actually people in this small town that will sell at this shop, but will not purchase anything there for fear of it being “Haunted.”




The First Investigation


The equipment used for this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, 35 MM Camera, Video Cameras, Inferred Thermometer’s, Various EMF Readers, and Various Recorders


After unloading our equipment we broke up into two teams of four, one downstairs and one upstairs, then we switched. Several members were assigned to EVP recordings, but none were retrieved. At a certain point the upstairs was cleared out for filming. Fred went upstairs and said he felt a strong presence up there around him. The orange picture on this page is from him on the second level. Downstairs in the store Gabreael witnessed a box of toys go off. The owner stated that, this happens sometimes to her there at night as well. Gabreael kept getting the name “Ken” or “Kenny” and ask the owner about the name and the connection to the building. The owner informed her this had no specific connection to the building, but it was her deceased husband’s name. She purchased this property shortly after his death. More personal information was given to the owner that only she would have known (When we state personal in some of our investigations this means personal information about the person or family that may or may not be for public viewing. Eastern Paranormal will always respect the privacy of others). 


Several spiking EMF readings were picked up in the back of the buildings property for a minute or so. During that time several massive orb pictures were captured by members alongside a -6* temperature reading on a 60* night. As the team was packing up to leave in front of the owner we heard a music box to go off downstairs, but couldn’t locate it.



The Follow Up Investigation


Eastern Paranormal prefers follow-up investigations whenever possible to validate and/or explain findings from the earlier investigation.


The equipment used for this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Camera, Inferred Thermometer’s, Various EMF Readers, Laptop, and Various Recorders


We decided to make this investigation an “All Female Investigation,” as most of the activity reported in this building has involved interaction between the purported male ghost and the female owner and employee of this property.


While in the attic of this building Gabreael and Kimber received a strong EMF spike for just a few seconds at the same time a Mrs. Santa Clause went off while unplugged in a box. It was in this same area upstairs Gabreael witnessed some ecto-mist forming towards the center of the room heading for the window. The blue face image captured in the window was the result of that activity. An audible but undefined EVP was picked up that night as well.





This property seems to reveal quite an amount of paranormal activity. We presented the owner with our findings to which she seemed quite pleased. We would like to thank this property owner for being a gracious and welcoming host to Eastern Paranormal.