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The Location
A private residence in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

The Incidents 

This property had been passed from one generation to another throughout the years. Several of the occupants reported seeing several anomalies throughout the years, apparitions, and various noises. They also kept their basement door locked as they reported feeling uncomfortableness in that part of the home.

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The Investigation

Upon interviewing the owner and her daughter it was revealed that this home was in the process of being sold to be torn down to have new condos built on the property. The owner informed us she felt comfortable in the home, but simply wanted documentation of the activity before the home was sold and tore down. Eastern Paranormal captured one photo anomaly in this home. One new investigator with EP reported feeling something touch her arm in the basement while alone in the basement.

The equipment used on this investigation was:

Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Inferred Thermometer, EMF Reader’s, and Digital and Micro Recorders


We would like to thank this family for access to this lovely historic home and their hospitality while investigating there. For the privacy of this homeowner we have cropped the one anomaly picture we captured. We will however make copies of several pictures for this home owner. Do you have a haunted home in the Wrightsville Beach, NC area? Contact Gabreael at:Gabreael@easternparanormal.com