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Ghost Wilmington North Carolina 

The Location


The Old New Hanover County Courthouse located in Wilmington, North Carolina.



The Incidents


Several employees reported seeing disembodied apparitions walking through the foyer of the old courthouse and through walls. As well as hearing footsteps behind them, voices, and temperature changes.



The Investigation


Eastern Paranormal met with a county official for a walk through of this historic landmark, and to obtain the general history of property. Gabreael then did a brief sketch of it, and made arrangements for employee interviews. Employee interviews were then conducted over the course of two days.


The equipment used on this investigation was:


Multiple Digital Cameras, Video Camera’s, Inferred Thermometer’s,  EMF Reader’s, 35 MM Camera, Surveillance System, and Digital and Micro Recorders


The first investigation included a total of nine EP members, a two man film crew from the public access channel, and one reporter from The Wilmington Star News. Once inside security secured the courthouse, and EP went about setting up our equipment for a couple of hours of filming in the courthouse.


Once back in the courthouse we split into three teams of three to take EMF readings, EVP’s, temperatures, and photographs. The entire time investigating we were being followed by a film crew that at timeswere a bit in the way  and inadvertently moved the positioning on one of the cameras left to film during “Dead” time. Because of this and the constant media coverage this case got the night of the investigation EP conducted a second “Closed” (No media allowed or posting dates of the second investigation) investigation of this property. The occurrences below are a combination of those two investigations.



The Occurrences EP Members Experienced At The Old Courthouse Was As Follows:


1. A cold spot located on the second floor near the courtroom and the sound of breathing inside the office to the right upon entrance through the main door.


2. Several pictures had anomalies present.


3. There was two EVP’s taken. None of the video showed any paranormal or unusual activities.


4.  Walkie-talkies sounding off on their own alongside lights coming on inside of the old courtroom that had been turned off by a policeman at the power source.


5. The constant ringing of a private line upstairs at 3:AM with nothing but static on the other end when answered (When we questioned the county official about this he stated that this was a private number not available to the public).






This 110 foot Victorian Gothic style structure with an awesome clock tower built in 1892 appears to Eastern Paranormal to be classified as both a residual haunting and an intelligent haunting. Eastern Paranormal made the county official they worked with on this project a mini photo album of the investigation as well as turning over copies of the EVP over to him. We would like to thank NewHanoverCounty and the employees of the old courthouse for their time and the chance to be the first group of investigators in this building.


Click Below To Listen To An EVP From This Investigation:

"It's Me"